What is Zeit9?

Zeit9 is a style discovery and commerce platform for men. We connect style-seeking men with talented personal stylists, shoppers, and fashion enthusiasts. In the brick-and-mortar model, men receive face-to-face assistance from a salesperson, a partner, a parent or a personal shopper. Zeit9 moves this interaction online, giving men dependable styling and shopping help, and providing stylists a flexible earning opportunity. Membership is free.

How does it work?

  1. Guys send simple requests for style and shopping help.
    Requests can be context-specific (“I’ve got a sharp outfit for an upcoming date/wedding/interview and don’t want to spend more than $300”), or totally general (“Its fall, I want to update my wardrobe.”). See our Shopping GuideCOMING SOON! for tips on making style requests.

  2. Stylists respond to requests by creating ready-to-buy looks.
    Using the Zeit9 Shop, seasoned or aspiring stylists can pull product from all over the web to create an individual look. They choose the brands, trends, cuts and colors that match the requestor’s personality, body-type, and budget. Stylists will receive commissions on sales when we move out of our beta phase. See our Stylist GuideCOMING SOON! to learn more about styling and building clientele in the Zeit9 community.

  3. Anyone—the original requestor or an onlooker from the Zeit9 community—can buy products in a Zeit9 look.
    Check-out and shipping occur directly from the vendor’s website, but soon we'll offer a convenient Zeit9 shopping cart to streamline your checkout.

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